Painless, Accurate, Noninvasive Way to Assess Liver Health 

When it comes to your liver health, your doctors want to provide the best possible care. About the size  of a football, the liver is the largest organ in the human body and responsible for performing many  functions that are critical to your health. 

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is asymptomatic and patients are often unaware that they have  the disease. If left untreated NAFLD can, over time, lead to a more serious stage of the disease. 

Because liver disease is reversible if caught early enough, your doctors now offer Echosens’ FibroScan®,  an FDA-cleared technology for the diagnosis and monitoring of adult patients as part of an overall  evaluation of liver health. 

This simple, non-invasive exam supports early detection and management  

of liver disease as part of routine care management for  

those who may be at risk for liver disease. 

Quick, Painless Exam of Your Liver 

FibroScan® takes only 10 minutes, is noninvasive  device and completely painless: 

• The patients lie comfortably on an exam table 

• The medical professional applies a water-based gel  

on the patient’s skin and places the FibroScan® 

probe on the right side of the ribcage 

• The medical professional then takes 10 quick,  

painless measurements 

• Results are immediate for the physician to interpret 

FibroScan®examinations are not indicated for use on  

individuals who have an implantable electronic device,  

such as a pacemaker. 

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