About Us

Tri-Cities Digestive Health Center, PS has been in the business in the area for almost 30 years. We are a clinic specializing in gastrointestinal tract disease. Our mission is to provide the finest health care possible for our patients. This commitment is the basis for all that we do. We believe that professional excellence, combined with staff collaboration, integration, and teamwork, results in the very best care.

We deliver personalized service to our patients. This includes compassion and respect for the patient, and a constant striving to achieve the ideal in health care service. In all that we do, the patient comes first. We expect this excellence from all of our staff, believing that it is an essential part of patient care. We expect our staff to demonstrate the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we provide health care value. We achieve this through cost-effective medical practice, operating efficiency, and sound financial management.  We adhere to a professional and personal code of conduct in which teamwork is a key factor.  We recognize the worth and dignity of the individual in our relationships with our patients and families, our colleagues, and our community.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We continually strive to provide the best possible services and care for our patients.  With this in mind, we regularly distribute satisfaction surveys to our patients to generate feedback from them to monitor the services we provide, and to determine if we need to make changes to improve our services. We are consistently given "Excellent" marks from our patients and are grateful for their willingness to provide feedback to us.

The following are some of the comments we have received on surveys from our patients:

"I found that having a colonoscopy at your new facility was a very good experience.  I thank the staff; sorry I don't remember your names.  Dr. Boon, thank you.  But I really want to stress the importance of your 'report card.'  This document allows me to evaluate you as a provider of colonoscopies, and your adenoma detection rate (about 30%!!!), success at cecum intubation, and split-dose bowel prep really give me confidence that I received an excellent colonoscopy.  There have been numerous papers (NEJM, etc.) and articles (New York Times: 10 Questions You Need to Ask About Colonoscopy) that stress the need for a high-quality colonoscopy, and the possible bad consequences of not getting one.  I am happy I got a good one!  I will recommend your office to all my friends, and tell them about the report card, and about the excellent bedside manner of all the staff".

"Thank you for being so helpful and patient.  On this matter, I really appreciated all of your staff's help".

"Loved your facility. Very impressed with the technology.  Staff very well trained.  Very impressed with Dr. Boon's interest; right there to talk to you, and just general bedside manner. Very nice man".

"Great service, awesome people. I felt completely comfortable. Thank you".

"You all do a great job. First class, I felt at ease all the time".

We truly appreciate the time our patients take to complete their surveys.  Thank you for your help in our efforts to provide the best possible medical services for you.


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