Rubber-band Ligation is the most popular procedure for hemorrhoid treatment in North America today.  It has become an important tool here in helping our patients live their best lives.  Once it has been determined that we can treat your hemorrhoids, an appointment will be made for you.  You will be asked to discontinue aspirin products for seven days prior to your appointment day.  You will not need a driver as you will not be sedated.

Once you are here, you will be taken to a procedure room and will be asked to put a gown on.  While lying on your left side, Dr. Boon will perform a rectal exam, and introduce a small instrument in order to visualize the hemorrhoids being treated.  At that time, he will use a special tool to place a rubber-band above the hemorrhoid.  The rubber-band will cut off the blood supply to the area, and the hemorrhoid will fall off within 1-5 days.  The total visit takes around 30 minutes.  The typical number of appointments need to complete the treatment varies based on individual needs, but the average is 3.

The procedure has a very low rate of complications, the most reported being a feeling of fullness or an ache at the site in the rectum for up to 24 hours.  Most insurance plans, including Medicare, provide financial coverage for these procedures.  As coverage options vary, you should talk with your insurance provider to determine expense.